As you already know our business name  is Online Camera Ed.  I am one of the owners along with my husband and we are Deb and Brian Beitz and we live on the Southside of Brisbane.  Our company name is Ryjoe Holdings Pty Ltd and our ABN is 81 105 796 281.  We are proud to be an Australian business and we offer our courses worldwide. Check out our Contact page for all of our other details.

We are a long established business and have been involved in the digital photography industry for many years.  We have expertise in all aspects of digital photography along with digital printing on wide format printers and fine art restorations of canvas products and the recreation of digital images onto a wide variety of artistic media.  We are qualified professional photographers who also hold formal qualifications in business and in training and assessment. So I think you would agree we have significant expertise in what we do and teach.

Online Camera Ed is a professional online digital photography school one hundred percent devoted to photography education.  We also only teach photography and do not dilute our courses or our own brand by teaching a variety of other things.  I don’t like the idea of places who tell you they specialise in teaching photography only to find out they teach things like Interior Design and Art etc as in my opinion it weakens their structure and the content being delivered to students.  So with us it is photography only with no distractions and I believe this is better for our students and it allows us to remain fully focussed on the job at hand. We are totally dedicated to the provision of photography education. We only teach our specialty which is digital photography and we do it properly and are a friendly place to deal with and be a part of.

One thing that makes us different is the way we structure and conduct our business.  Firstly Online Camera Ed maintains our student numbers at manageable levels.  In other words we don’t just keep enrolling people only to find that our tutors can’t adequately manage their workload as this means you the student are getting sub standard education.  So our numbers are kept where every student gets very personalised attention and all their needs are fully met. We are more of a boutique style education provider.  People are not treated like a herd of sheep but rather as individuals. We understand and respect that our students are not just a number to us.  They are real people, wanting to further their skills in the field of photography, and we treat them that way.  We care.  It is very rewarding for us to watch each student learn and grow into competent photographers as a result of studying with us.

Another big thing with us is that we do not have any secret, sneaky additional costs or terms that a lot of other providers do and I urge you to ask a few simple questions before signing up with anyone. Some examples to ask about follow. Firstly do they charge extra if you take longer than a certain timeframe to complete the course?  We don’t charge extra but lots of other places do.  What is their policy on resitting a failed module?  A lot of places charge extra fees for a resit so find out what is the additional cost for the resit.  With us it is nothing but a lot of our opposition charge for this.  The point I make is do your research on these hidden charges, With us there is none of that behaviour and our quoted prices are the entire cost with no extras hidden in there.

Another point of difference with us is that our tutors who are all qualified professional photographers also have to hold current training and assessment qualifications.  A lot of our competitors do not have this and it is a minimum standard we insist on being met.  You may be a great photographer but unless you know how to teach and assess it then you fall short of the mark. Students must be taught the correct content in the right way. Our tutors are selected very carefully. This  is a winning combination for our students, making learning with Online Camera Ed. a really positive, enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Now this  next bit seems a bit corny but we actually do care about the people we are training and yes we are a business so at the end of the day we need to make a living but it is more than that to us.  We actually get great enjoyment out of watching our students develop.  The best feeling for an educator is to see people actually learning and this is our main motivation.  We also treat people fairly and with respect so like I said it might sound a bit corny but that is our true motivation. We will always be totally honest with students in every way.

Even our main Professional Photography Course, is very unique.  It is delivered in  12 modules but what makes it different to courses from our competition is that the first 10 modules are compulsory but the last 2 are selected by the student from our electives.  This is great as you get to pick 2 subjects based on your interests.  This is very popular with our students.

Our courses are fully self paced learning. Our only requirement to keep your enrollment current is that you must submit at least one assignment per 12 month period so if you meet this criteria you can take as long as you require to complete your course. We are fully aware of the busy lifestyles people lead.  You can complete the courses as slow or fast as you want to. It is important to us that every student, regardless of their age or skill level is given every opportunity to succeed.  For this reason, we give students as much time as they need to complete their online photography course, and do not charge additional fees if a student needs additional assistance or is required to resubmit any digital photography assignment.

Course abandonment is a term you hear a lot in relation to adult education and our policy is quite clear. In cases where a student has been inactive on their course for longer than 12 months then we consider their course abandoned and they will no longer have access and will not be entitled to a refund. A lot of educational institutions enforce this after six months so we feel our policy is very fair.

Our price structure is also very good and we also offer convenient payment plans on our  Professional Photography Course.  As I said earlier we are a business and we do need to make a living but we also think our price point makes our courses a lot more accessible to a wide range of people and access to education is very important to us.

I see a lot of people especially on internet forums saying the way to learn photography is to watch You Tube videos etc.  I think this advice is totally incorrect.   Yes I do have a vested interest in opposing this idea but it goes far deeper than that. To learn anything properly including photography you need to be part of a structured course taught by qualified people.  Things you are not understanding need to be fixed before they become ingrained issues.  We are a competency based educator so our students must achieve competency on one module before moving on to the next. Shortcuts in learning only deliver less than good results. So don’t be fooled, do a structured course with a provider you are comfortable with.  You will reap the rewards in the long run by actually knowing how to use your camera properly.

A couple of final things that make us different.  Firstly we offer a business phone number so you can actually get to speak to us.  While on the subject of communication, if you email us we do reply and promptly.  We are fully aware of the poor reputation some online businesses have in relation to poor communication and we pride ourselves on the fact that we are effective communicators and we do so promptly.  Nothing worse than not getting a reply I reckon.

Student support is our primary focus. We will be with you all of the way, providing assistance, guidance, support, suggestions and encouragement.


Our online photography courses have been fully audited by  IARC (International Accreditation and Recognition Council).   We are proud to say that we passed this rigorous process and achieved a five star rating. Our courses are fresh, innovative and up to date with the ever-changing advances in the world of digital photography.   They are peppered with insight into a wide range of photographic specialties.  Our student community is made up of people from multiple countries worldwide and we chose this type of accreditation because it  is widely accepted internationally.  We believe this is of greater benefit to our students.

We understand that it can be difficult to maintain your motivation over a period of time when studying online courses.  For this reason, our Professional Photography Course is structured to be completed in twelve modules and is a stepped program.  Each module builds on the previous one so that you can master each part, one step at a time, moving on when you are ready.

Flexibility exists within the activities, exercises and assignments enabling you to tailor your learning to suit your own particular areas of interest. You can apply what you are learning to the areas of photography that interest you.  This makes it so easy to incorporate your exercises and practice sessions into your everyday life.  It might be a day at the beach, a family picnic, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, a day trip in the country, a friend’s birthday.  There are photographic opportunities everywhere.  We encourage creativity and believe that you learn better doing something that you enjoy.  The flexibility built into our course content helps you to get motivated and stay that way right the way through your course.

The Online Camera Ed Facebook Community is a great place. No matter what your age or background, you will be constantly exploring, learning and growing as a photographer. Our Community is only available to present and past students and provides a safe, non-judgmental environment that encourages the sharing of images and ideas.


We are passionate about our photography, and that shows through in our teaching and commitment to the success of our students.  Enroll today and embark on a journey that is exciting, fulfilling and rewarding.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like any further information.

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