Some people love it and others not so much but HDR photography is a popular photographic genre,

This example of HDR photography comes from one of our graduates, Tim Roberts.  The image is of the iconic Brisbane Cricket Ground or as it affectionately known “The Gabba”

So what is HDR?  HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.

If you think it through in simple terms, dynamic range is the difference between the lightest and darkest range you can capture in an image.  If you are trying to capture a subject that exceeds the dynamic range of your camera then light colors wash out and dark colours just get dark and messy so the overall image quality is greatly reduced.

Enter HDR photography.  HDR allows you to create an image with a very high dynamic range by taking a series of shots of the same subject using different camera settings and then combining them into one image.  This is how the limitations from taking one single image are beaten. Pretty clever hey?

Once your series of images have been taken they are then managed into one image with the aid of Post Production software.

Our college teaches HDR photography and there is a bit more to it than what I have explained here but this will help give you some idea of what is involved. We teach it and a much wider range of techniques in our Professional Photography Course along with modules on industry standard post production software in Adobe Photoshop CC2018 and Adoble Lightroom Classic CC2018.

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While enjoying Tim’s image have a quick look here at our STUDENT GALLERY to see some of the great work our students produce. Thanks again Tim for letting us share your image.





I reckon nature photography is my favorite photography genre.

Every time I see this wonderful image taken by one of our graduates Gary Nichols I marvel at the great job Gary has done in capturing the real essence of this setting.

The subject in this case is a beautiful snow monkey (Japanese Macaque)

If you are ever in Japan take the time to visit Jidokudani perhaps while on your way up to the snow at  Shiga Kogen.

The Jigokudani Yaenkoen park which opened in 1964 is the place to go to see the Japanese Macaque.  The Japanese Macaque (Macaca fuscata) is a monkey species native to northern Japan, and is the most northern-living non-human primate, surviving winter temperatures of below -15 °C.  They have brown-gray fur, a red face, hands and bottom, and a short tail – and often seem remarkably human like.

In the wild they spend most of their time in forests and feed on seeds, buds, fruit, invertebrates, berries, leaves, and bark.  The monkeys have a body length ranging from 80 to 95 cm.  The males weigh around 10-14 kg while the females are usually around 5.5 kg.

The park is located in the Yokoyu River valley, which flows down from Shiga Kogen.  At an elevation of 850 meters, the area is called Jigokudani (“Hell’s Valley”) due to the steep cliffs and hot water steaming out from the earth’s surface.  It’s also a fairly harsh environment in winter with snow on the ground for a third of the year, but it is also a paradise for the couple of hundred monkeys that live there.  How good is it that visitors can enter their world and watch them enjoying themselves.  Watching the monkeys play and just go about their daily lives is a lot of fun.  All the time the monkeys basically just ignore their human watchers and just get on with whatever it is they want to be doing.

It was very inspiring to see Gary develop as a photographer while he studied with us and it was evident early in his course he had a lot of talent and a great eye.

Our courses really do help improve anyone’s photography skills and knowledge so come on and join the family at Online Camera Ed and let us help you release your inner photographer.

Thanks Gary for letting us share your work.




Hi everyone.  The following article I have written is worth reading as it explains some new data protection standards that come into effect shortly. Online Camera Ed is pleased to report that we are all set ahead of the deadline for these standards to come into effect so read on for more details.


The General Data Protection Regulation (referred to as GDPR from here) comes into effect on the 25th May 2018.  It is all about data governance and in our case that translates to where data is stored and how is it secured.

The GDPR applies to any business operating in the European Union and also any business having customers in the European Union. While Online Camera Ed is based in Australia we do have customers overseas plus we feel this regulation is a good one to secure data here in Australia so we have adopted the GDPR standards.  In reality the GDPR is not too different from Australian Privacy Principles and the Australian Privacy Act (only stronger) which we already fully comply with.

Our ethos is always to be transparent in what we do so here is some explanation about GDPR and our systems we have in place.

Online Camera Ed has two main areas affected by the GDPR and they are payment management and student details management.

Before explaining the details please be aware that we never share any student information or payment information. Even things such as the use of a student image is only done after receiving written permission from the student to use it first.

Our status report is as follows:

Payment Management

Payments are managed for us by Paypal and Braintree which is also owned by Paypal.  Online Camera Ed does not store credit card details at all but rather these are stored by Paypal and Braintree which is owned  by Paypal. Paypal and Braintree which is owned by Paypal offer some of the most stringent data protection systems in the world and protection is at an extremely high level.  We deliberately went with Paypal and Braintree which is owned by Paypal due to their security and the fact that we did not have to store personal credit card details on our system. No breaches of customer payment information have ever happened and we can report that world standard security systems are in place to manage this into the future as supplied by Paypal and Braintree which is owned by Paypal. So in summary all personal payment information is fully secured.

Student Details Management

The other area we manage is that of student information which is set up when someone enrols with us. Data captured is private and we do not ever share this with anyone.  It does contain name, address, email address and phone number data and we treat the management of this as a high priority.  No breaches of the security of this data have ever happened and we manage this in the following way:

Our web services provider is Newcastle based company Jezweb. Our web servers are also located in Australia and are GDPR compliant. The Online Camera Ed website has a software firewall in place to block malicious activity and the data centre uses hardware firewalls to help guard against attacks. So this provides a two tier firewall system and it is highly secured.  All users protect their account by way of self defining their username and password.  Passwords are not visible at any time to Online Camera Ed making them secure. Students are responsible for the security of their account by not sharing their username and password information.  If in doubt contact us on info@onlinecameraed.com and request a password reset. We have never suffered a data breach.

Also forms used on our site also contain student agreement checkboxes just to record that you agree and are aware of the data protection strategies we use. This is a term of GDPR compliance.

Data Protection Officer

The final part of our GDPR policy is that we have appointed Brian Beitz as our data protection officer. Brian who is one of the business owners has intimate knowledge of all systems we use and is your point of contact if you would like to discuss any GDPR issues.  He is best reached by email at info@onlinecaneraed.com


Online Camera Ed has taken proactive steps to ensuring our compliance with GDPR ahead of schedule and this ultimately benefits all of our students knowing that we take the management of their private information very seriously.


Brian Beitz





Hot off the press we are pleased to announce the completion of our new Adobe Lightroom Module Update which is now available to all current students.

But wait there is more. As well as the full module update there are a new complete series of support videos now available to students in the online Resource Centre.

The whole area of Adobe Creative Cloud can be confusing and no more so than with Lightroom.  One video to watch right up front is where we give clear explanation about the two different products of Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.  Just for the record and without stealing the scene from the video we do advise our students that Adobe Lightroom Classic CC is the product of choice.  So watch the video and all will be explained.

At Online Camera Ed we always strive to supply our students with fully up to date photography education content so we hope you all enjoy this new material.

Have a great day.

The Online Camera Ed

Course Development Team




Online Camera Ed is pleased to announce for our students the release of our Adobe Photoshop update for Creative Cloud 2018.

This update applies to both our Professional Photography Course and our Digital Photography Basics Course.

In the Professional course it is module six and in the Basics course it is module four.

Also we have updated our online resource centre with a complete range of new videos related to this update.

This material is available to all current students and contains some truly exciting developments.

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We spend a lot of time talking about our Professional Photography Course which is absolutely brilliant but we also offer a great Basic Photography Course. which is very popular.

If you just want to learn how to take better images on any kind of digital camera and then rework them in Adobe Photoshop then our Digital Photography basics course may be just the right fit for you.

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And remember one module is completely devoted to using Adobe Photoshop.

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Beetle photography is an absolutely huge genre especially if you have access to a good macro lens.

Enter the world of insect photography and all kinds of bugs and beetles become your subjects.  The good thing is you don’t generally have to leave your back yard for what you want to do. How good is that?

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Exciting photography is something I think everyone has an occasional interest in and some like all of their work to be just like this.

The area of forced perspective photography is so much fun.  You can stage some quite jaw dropping scenes and I am always surprised at some of the great ideas people come up with in setting some of these shots up.

One of the unique things about our professional photography course is that we include two student choice electives in our twelve module course.  One of the electives covers a lot of cool photography, and forced perspective is one such genre included.

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Hi everyone.  The 25th of April is time to take a quick break and reflect on this majorly significant event for all of us.

Anzac Day has come to represent such huge sacrifice by so many and we continue to enjoy the legacy that these wonderful people provided for us.

We are truly so fortunate to live in our beautiful country.

So to all service men and women past and present we say a heartfelt thankyou.  To those that have made the ultimate sacrifice you are true heroes and will never be forgotten.

From the team at Online Camera Ed – Lest We Forget.




The question of how much does it cost to study photography is one we hear quite a lot.

If you choose to go down the path of TAFE or University then currently the approximate range is from $12,000.00 up to around $30,000.00 a course. Yes these are  top level qualifications but not everyone can afford this or a higher education debt to pay off and they are also technically quite difficult. We think this is  quite sad especially if you are really passionate about photography and learning it. Also some people just don’t want to study this level of very difficult course which can be quite complicated.

So all is not lost as we have a perfect solution and this is right where our college and courses fit in.  Our courses are well written and easy to follow and understand. We provide professional level photography courses at a price range that makes them affordable for everyone.  Our Professional Course consists of twelve modules, two of which are student choice electives.  This course costs as little as $16.50 per week on our 36 week payment plan.  No nasty education  debts and you will well and truly have finished your plan before graduating from your course.  This is the perfect solution. To see more on this and our other great payment options checkout our FEES PAGE.

The Professional Photography Course is fantastic and you will learn so much including the use of Adobe Photoshop as a core module and Lightroom as an elective if you choose.  You will learn to be in full control of your camera and use it in manual mode.  No more auto mode shooting.  How good will that be?

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