While History of Photography is an interesting title, when we developed this Elective module 4 it became apparent this title was totally inadequate.  So we went with The Evolution Of Photography And It’s Impact On The World As We Know It.

Wow that is a mouthful, but it better describes the great content in this elective module and this article is a good representation of that.

Our student Susan Felby while working on this module, has done a stunning job of Task 1 Part A.  In this question you have to choose a renowned photographer whose work you admire.  Analyse their style and techniques and summarise your research in an essay style answer. This is to be accompanied by an image that emulates your chosen photographers style and also include some discussion on the methods used and the results achieved. No simple task but very rewarding.

Susan chose award winning local South Australian Glenn Ehmke who is a very passionate about preserving wildlife. He likes to capture totally  natural images and is not into posed or staged images.  His big interest is birds, down to every detail of their lives. Glenn has had his work featured in Australian Geographic, Wingspan Magazine and National Geographic.

Glenn typically likes to use natural light and apply cropping to his images to help accentuate his subjects. For him it is all about capturing those unique fleeting moments of his subject acting totally normally.  Real Life at its best.

Susan has captured this beautiful Honeyeater which is not easy given that these birds are on the move constantly however she was patient and got the reward at the end of the day by capturing her subject taking a brief pause in an otherwise frantic piece of movement.

The image captures how easily this bird can become lost amongst the foliage and Susan has made great use of afternoon light with a sightly higher ISO.

Here are Susan’s settings:  1/160, f5.6, 115mm ISO400

Great job Susan and thanks for letting us share your image.

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We have just carried out a resource centre update with an upload of some new information. This is a secure student only access area and contains a lot of helpful information.

Specifically the updated material is designed to give further reference to those of you working on Module 3 as this module raises a number of questions.

The update consists of some new videos and a task 3 helpsheet.

I am sure you will all get some benefit out of this new material.




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Study in 2018, we know there are a lot of you doing this very thing. We hope you all had a great Christmas and that you are all set for a good year ahead.

Our office is back up to full pace with holidays over and we look forward to working with you all throughout the year as you work through your courses.

January is a really busy month and one question we get regularly asked by prospective students is about our self paced learning and are there any requirements to stay current and how does it work.

So here is my effort at explaining all that.  For existing students this is no change but just to cover it for new folk here goes:

Our self paced learning is a very good way for people leading  busy lifestyles to balance study and their work and home life. As we have always had we do stipulate that to stay current and enrolled we do require students to be actively working on their course and our definition of actively working means you must submit at least one assignment per 12 month period which we feel is very reasonable. So provided one assignment is submitted in a 12 month period, you can take as long as you need to complete your course.  We are really pleased to be able to offer this as most places only give you 12 months in total to complete.

The reason we have this is because when you enrol we assign you a tutor.  A  tutor can only manage a certain number of students.  If you are enrolled and not submitting any assignments then that tutor could have been reallocated to an active student so that is the main reason behind the policy.

So I hope I have done a reasonable job of explaining this and best wishes to everyone studying in 2018.

Image courtesy of Google Images




One of the fundamental composition techniques that everyone needs to understand is the Rule of Thirds.

Our student Nick Painter has made good use of the technique when composing this image.

In broad terms The Rule of Thirds is a set of guidelines which help  photographers place a subject in their image in a way that’s pleasing to the viewer. If you can imagine a grid laid over your image featuring  two vertical lines breaking the image into thirds vertically, plus two horizontal lines breaking the image into thirds horizontally.  You then position the important elements in your scene along those lines, or at the points where they meet.The idea is that an off-centre composition is more pleasing to the eye and looks more natural than one where the subject is placed right in the middle of the frame.

This is a simple overview of this technique and we cover it in more detail in our online photography courses.

So now getting back to this great image by Nick, it features a boat moored on Canton Beach on the Central Coast of NSW.   As well as good use of the rule of thirds, the way the sunset, reflections and shadows have been managed  help produce a wonderful shot.

Good job Nick and thanks for letting us share your image.




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From time to time Teds have access to good quality second hand cameras and at present they have some to offer our students. This is a great way to upgrade without costing you a fortune.

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To see more on our partnering arrangements and how you can save have a look at your logout page when you go to leave our site from being logged in.




OK so you need to get out of bed early to capture sunrise images but it is really worth the effort.

Recently while staying in the Blue Mountains I decided to get up early and head up to the beautiful Three Sisters at Echo Point.

Even then the crowds were full on but it is a beautiful place to experience this time of day.

It got me thinking however as to why the mountains are so blue and here is what I found on the subject:

In 1788 the Blue Mountains were originally named “Carmarthen Hills” and “Landsdowne Hills” by Governor Phillip, however, it wasn’t long after, that the distinctive blue haze surrounding the area saw the change in name to the Blue Mountains.The Blue Mountains is densely populated by oil bearing Eucalyptus trees. The atmosphere is filled with finely dispersed droplets of oil, which, in combination with dust particles and water vapour, scatter short-wave length rays of light which are predominantly blue in colour. To find out more on this please check out https://www.bluemts.com.au/info/about/history/history-detail/

So if ever you are in this part of the world, set your alarm early one morning and you will be rewarded. An absolute iconic Australian location and very photography friendly. Be warned it can get very crowded.


Online Camera Ed

NEW FOR 2018

NEW FOR 2018

NEW FOR 2018

All new for 2018. In addition to studying with us in our great, value for money online photography courses new and existing students now get the benefit of some awesome discounts we have organised as a result of us partnering with some iconic Australian businesses. Teds Camera Store will be providing our students discount on all of their photography hardware requirements, Jezweb will provide you with great, value for money, personal and business websites and site hosting and finally Momento Pro will give you great discounts on all of your Photobooks and printing needs.  To see these special benefits in more detail CLICK HERE.

While we are on a roll you probably will have noticed we have just launched our new look website and prospectus for 2018. The field of education is constantly changing and Online Camera Ed being a contemporary provider of quality photography education needs to go through this process regularly to stay relevant in the modern day education area.

We recently received advice from the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency that providers such as ourselves who are outside of the RTO network can no longer use the words accredited or Diploma in any way from now on.  This has caused us to rebadge our professional level course to the Digital Photography Expert Course and the basic course is just that the Digital Photography Basics course.  Course content remains unchanged and awards given on graduation will reflect the new course names.  This is not just us having to do this but all non RTO providers.

We hope you like what we have to offer and that we can help you learn photography in 2018.  We are simply the best value for money, modern online photography college and you will love studying with us.




Hi everyone. Well 2017 is close to an end and we just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of our current and past students, our business partners and everyone who helps us do what we do, a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2018.

It has been a great year at Online Camera Ed and we thank all of you for your contributions along the way.  We hope you all get some time to spend with family and friends over the festive season and get a bit of a time out to enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

To the charitable organisations we try and help throughout the year we wish you all the best in the great work you do.

We get an absolute buzz out of seeing the great progress our students make during their studies and we will continue to innovate and provide high level, real world, great value for money education moving forward into 2018.

We have some exciting innovations coming up which we will brief you on soon in a very interesting newsletter so watch out for that.

It takes a lot to run an online educational campus and to everyone that helps us, a big thankyou. Everyone needs a bit of a break after a very big year so here is some important information for the festive season.

Our office will be having a break from 5pm on Friday the 22nd of December 2017 until it reopens on Monday the 8th of January 2018 at 8am.  All normal email communication will be fully monitored and responded to over the holiday period and if it is an emergency then you can phone us on 0478596045. Assignments can still be submitted and will be marked although perhaps a bit slower than normal during this period.

To anyone wanting to enrol then you can do that right throughout the festive season 24×7 so give yourself or a loved one or friend the gift of a great, value for money, professional photography course.

So everyone from all of us here at Online Camera Ed, all the best and have a great Christmas.


Brian and Deb

Image courtesy Google Images.