We seem to have just gotten over the Easter chocolate explosion and now Tax Time is descending upon us.  You remember, that time of year when a single glance at a figure on a form causes anything from extreme delight to inconsolable despair.  You guessed it! The figure I am talking about is your Gross Income for the past year.  Let us not celebrate too soon.  Cast your eyes on the second figure on your form.  The one entitled “Tax Deducted”.    This is the significant contribution you have made this year to the financial well-being of our country.  This is the figure that will likely send you into a frenzy, rummaging through previously discarded piles of receipts, ticket stubs and dockets looking in earnest for anything and everything that looks even remotely like a “deductable expense”.

I feel your smile returning.  Your planets are re-aligning.  Tax time can be like bonus time.  An unbudgeted, unallocated, unspent windfall that is about to descend on your bank account.  So comes the dilemma.  Do you leave it there in case of emergency, or do you reward yourself?  I vote reward.  You have earned this.  You have worked very hard this year.  Things may not have always gone to plan, but you have hung in there.  You have made it through another year.  Now is your chance.  It is your time.  You could use this windfall to break free and kickstart a new career, or you could simply indulge yourself by enrolling in our Diploma of Digital Photography course.  This could be just what you need to shake off the impending winter blues.  Invest in yourself.  Treat yourself to a journey into the world of photography.  It might just be the best decision you could make!

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So, what are you waiting for?  As soon as your tax refund hits your bank account, come join us.
PS:  Keep your receipt.  It might be tax deductible next year!

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