With the huge variety of phones and tablets available, mobile photography has just exploded in popularity.

With our newly extended number of course offerings our Digital Photography Basics Course is the one that is designed to be done with any sort of digital camera so your phone or tablet or point and shoot camera are absolutely suitable for doing this course.

Written in easy to understand language you will learn how to make the most of the features your device has and take some stunning images. This course also contains our Introduction to Adobe Photoshop module so we teach you how to manage your images once you get home. How good is that?

Taught by our qualified tutors this course is great value. Timing is everything they say and at present you can take advantage of our end of financial year savings, so take that next step and Enroll Now!

If you would like to see all of our course offerings why not download our Free Course Information here.




Wow,  half of the year is gone and now is a great time to take advantage of our end of financial year savings.

As of last weekend our new website and course upgrades are fully up and running and we are pleased to be able to now offer you the following great courses.

Professional Photography Course

DSLR Basics Course

Basics Course (you can do this with your mobile phone or camera in your tablet)

Post Production Course (covers Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom from beginner level to advanced) 

If reading isn’t really your thing then we have also produced an updated video of what we offer so check it out here – ONLINE CAMERA ED VIDEO.

Our course content is up to date including our post production course which features 2018 versions of all Adobe software being taught.

So come on and join us and get a complete photography education no matter what your skill level is. Enroll Now!




As part of our exciting new updates we are also announcing the availability of our Photoshop and Lightroom Courses.

We like to call this offering our  Post Production Course.

So maybe you are pretty good with your camera but not so good with what to do with your images when you get home.  This course is what you are looking for and will fill that gap in your photography education.

This is a complete course made up of four modules going from beginner to advanced levels in both Adobe Photoshop CC2018 and Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2018.   Don’t be taken in by places offering courses on old versions as we are teaching the absolute current versions of these great packages. That is what you want to learn.

When you enroll with us we immediately assign you a personal tutor and you will have their contact information.  They are your go to support person and will help you along the way.  The good news is that all of our tutors are qualified professional photographers who also hold current qualifications in Training and Assessment.  That is nicely reassuring to be taught by someone who knows the subject and how to teach and assess it.

The course costs $229 AUD if you pay in full or we have a 3 month payment plan of $78 AUD per month.  This represents great value for money to be receiving  a real, fully comprehensive training course which is competency based. Competency based means that it is pass fail with an assignment included at the end of each of the four modules.  On successful graduation students receive an official certificate and an official course transcript which details the subjects studied and the marks obtained.  Great to add to any CV.

We have been blown away since its recent launch as this course has been hugely popular so thanks everyone for your support.  I know a lot of you are so happy to have moved over to study with us and I have been saddened to hear your descriptions of  experiencing some very bad treatment at one of the large fly by night online operators who offers things like  Photoshop masterclasses for $25.00.  These courses are worthless and the  reality as you have sadly discovered is that they are a total waste of time and your hard earned money.  Quality courses and training do cost a bit more but you get so much more out of them. We will not let you down and you will gain a lot from studying with us

So take some time to have a look at this great course or for that matter any of our courses and we would love to have you on board at Online Camera Ed




In response to a huge amount of enquiries we are really excited to announce the launch of our new DSLR courses for beginners.

If this sounds like you then our awesome DSLR Basics Course is just the ticket.  It is delivered online in five up to date interactive modules taking you through all of the things you need to know to be able to operate your DSLR camera with confidence. You will understand what all of those dials and settings on your camera are for and how to use them properly. How good is that?

To help round up this comprehensive course we include a module on Adobe Photoshop so you know how to manage all of the great images you have taken once you get home.

This course is also great if you are hesitant and want  to gradually dip your toes into the whole studying photography thing.  If you then choose to move into the Professional Photography Course you also earn cross credits on some modules so that is just a bonus.

From the minute you enroll you can consider yourself one of us here at Online Camera Ed and in addition to our great courses it also means things like having a Personal Tutor assigned to you for the entire duration of your course, free membership into our Student Forum, great Student Benefits like Discounts on Photography Equipment and the list goes on. Everything you could think of is covered.

To help you balance the budget we also offer Flexible Payment Plans on this and a lot of our courses.

So there has never been a better time than now to study photography with us at Online Camera Ed.




We have been having a very busy weekend with new courses and  site update work keeping us quite occupied. Thanks for your patience while this work has been happening.  There will be some ongoing fine tuning over the next 48 hours but the site is fully operational while this is happening.

This is exciting news so I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.

Firstly you will see that the site has had a new look applied and we like how it looks and feels.  Our recent change over to much faster servers will produce a much quicker load time for all users so this is good for everyone.

In addition we have added two completely new courses to our lineup and in response to your feedback we have modified the existing Professional Course to make it fit real world expectations better. Here are the details.

So the two new courses are as follows:

DSLR Basics Course.  This one is designed for anyone who owns a DSLR or mirrorless camera and they want to learn how to operate it in manual mode and produce good quality images.  Included in this course is our standard Adobe Photoshop module also so it will allow someone to take good quality images and then manage the post production in Photoshop when they get home. It is a great lead in to doing the Professional Course also. Like to know more about it.  Check out the COURSE OVERVIEW page here.

The next new course is our Post Production offering and it is a cracker.  It is made up of four modules and it includes a basic module on Photoshop and one on Lightroom plus advanced modules on both products also.  This gives you the full range of post production skills from basic to advanced on both of these industry standard pieces of software. This is the one you want to consider if you really want to take your post production skills to a really high level. Like to know more about it.  Check out the COURSE OVERVIEW page here.

One other significant change we have made is to the existing Professional Photography Course.  We received a lot of student feedback that the module on setting up a business was not required by a lot of students as going into business was not the reason they wanted to study photography.  So in response we have made some changes.  The Professional course is still 12 modules in size but now it is made up of nine core modules and students get to choose 3 elective subjects from our newly extended list of 7 available electives. (more on them shortly).  For those that still want to do the business module it is now available as an elective. For existing students this is no inconvenience at all. If you are between modules 9 and 12 you just carry on as normal. Continue reading this article as it details how you can access the extra electives if you want to. If you are between modules 1 to 8 you simply choose three electives and let us know your choices.  To read about the new electives or to advise us of your choices just click here for the ELECTIVES PAGE. If you have previously advised us of your electives and you have changed your mind just fill the form out with your new choices. Now this next part only applies to students in the Professional Course but once you complete your course and If you want to do more than three electives these can be purchased individually. Check out our COURSE FEES page for more information.

So I have been talking about the new electives and they are a big  part of the changes we have made.  Now we have seven modules in total and three are included for students who have not passed module 8 in the Professional Course but for all Professional Course students they can purchase extra electives individually as I mentioned earlier. To see all of the details check out the ELECTIVES page here.

All of this new material is fully supported by our expert tutors and as part of this process a large number of new videos and other reference material has been added to the Resource Centre so this is just brilliant.

This is by far the biggest update we have ever done but the student benefits are huge.

We hope you all enjoy this great new site with all of this new content.

All the best with your studies.


The Online Camera Ed Team.