Digital Photography Basics

4 module online course
Beginner level
Use any camera or smart phone
Includes Adobe© Photoshop module

This course is designed for those who just want to take better images with any type of camera.  The techno babble is kept to a minimum so we can concentrate on teaching you how to improve your technique, avoid common problems and make the most of your opportunities.

If you are looking to learn a little about photography and be able to take great images, our DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY BASICS course is a great choice.

You don’t need a special camera to do this course.  You can use any camera: A DSLR, point and shoot camera, hybrid, even your smart phone.  This Basics course is about basic photography, light, composition and editing and managing your images.   If you have a DSLR camera and want to learn how to use it properly, take a look at our DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERT course.


An introduction into the world of digital photography

Beginner Level

4 Modules

Any Camera or Smart Phone




3 x $78/month

$234 in total



A gentle take off easing you into study mode. We start with the photographic process, what a digital image actually is, how your camera creates them and yes, we cover what to do with them. Cameras out now for familiarisation, investigating the menus, buttons, dials and switches on your camera. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO are briely explained (without too much techno babble – we saved that for the Diploma students). We look at why your eyes see differently to your camera and depth of field in your images.


Grab your camera. This module is jam packed with exercises and activities. We explore light and colour in detail, how your camera measures and responds to light, and introduces the white balance function on your camera. You will begin to understand the differing colour, direction, quality and quantity of natural light at different times of the day or different weather conditions. This is one of the keys to taking great images with accurate colour. No better time than now to give portrait photography a try in both natural and artificial light.


Creative hats on! This module is all about thinking differently. We give you an insight into image composure, backgrounds, foregrounds, focal points, silhouettes, working with reflections, leading and directing the eye and the list goes on. Free-thinking and creativity are encouraged. Put your theory into action and let your own style emerge in your images. We also look at techniques to help you identify and avoid common problems.


Even the best of us don’t get it right all of the time. This is why some very smart people developed Photoshop. With digital images, you have a second chance. This module teaches you how to adjust your exposure, white balance, make colour corrections, remove imperfections, sharpen, straighten and crop images and so much more. You will even learn how to turn grey skies to blue and remove unwanted tourists (or previous partners) from your images. How good is that!

Flexibility exists within the activities, exercises and assignments in each of the modules that enable you to tailor your learning to suit your own particular areas of interest. This is one of the major benefits of studying with Online Camera Ed. This flexibility allows every student to get the absolute most out of the course.

The course modules are written in a way that makes them easy to understand, with lots of hands on practical sessions for you to do along the way. You are not locked into endless hours in front of your computer. This course is interesting and fun.  You are not on your own. You have the continual support of our staff and fully qualified tutors to answer any questions and guide you as you work through the course. Our tutors are not just photographers. They also have formal qualifications in the development, implementation and evaluation of effective training courses. You are in good hands. Good online or e-learning requires specialist knowledge, skills, care and understanding. That’s what we do, and we do it well.

Here at Online Camera Ed we are proud to support Australian farmers by way of the Buy A Bale scheme.  We donate whenever we can and we encourage you to do the same as every little bit helps.  While there are a lot of needs worldwide we believe our support needs to go towards fellow Australians. So come on Australia, get involved now!




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