Some people love it and others not so much but HDR photography is a popular photographic genre,

This example of HDR photography comes from one of our graduates, Tim Roberts.  The image is of the iconic Brisbane Cricket Ground or as it affectionately known “The Gabba”

So what is HDR?  HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.

If you think it through in simple terms, dynamic range is the difference between the lightest and darkest range you can capture in an image.  If you are trying to capture a subject that exceeds the dynamic range of your camera then light colors wash out and dark colours just get dark and messy so the overall image quality is greatly reduced.

Enter HDR photography.  HDR allows you to create an image with a very high dynamic range by taking a series of shots of the same subject using different camera settings and then combining them into one image.  This is how the limitations from taking one single image are beaten. Pretty clever hey?

Once your series of images have been taken they are then managed into one image with the aid of Post Production software.

Our college teaches HDR photography and there is a bit more to it than what I have explained here but this will help give you some idea of what is involved. We teach it and a much wider range of techniques in our Professional Photography Course along with modules on industry standard post production software in Adobe Photoshop CC2018 and Adoble Lightroom Classic CC2018.

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While enjoying Tim’s image have a quick look here at our STUDENT GALLERY to see some of the great work our students produce. Thanks again Tim for letting us share your image.