Most of us from time to time require some sort of Photography Inspiration. One of our students, Mick Mauldon while working on the assignment for Elective 4: THE EVOLUTION OF PHOTOGRAPHY  AND IT’S IMPACT ON THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT, has taken his inspiration and his personal skills and knowledge and produced the accompanying great image. Read on to find out all about this wonderful story.

On reviewing the content of our Professional Photography Course, we realised we don’t have a slider module.  You know, the coaster module.  The no brainer. The subject you can get a pass for with a minimum of thought and even less effort.  The one that leaves you plenty of time to concentrate on other things.  The module that even the most challenged of us can take to just slide on through, thank you very much.  Job done!

So, we set about creating a slider elective subject for you and someone came up with the bright idea that a module on the history of photography could be a cosy fit.

Initially we thought our biggest challenge would be keeping the content interesting enough so that anyone choosing this elective photography subject would not risk injury sliding off their chair as they drifted off to sleep. That was before the team got into some serious research.

After a whole lot of “Wow”, “who would have thought”, “that is amazing”, “I remember that” and “I had one of those”, plus a few “OMG’s” and “TISC’s” (contribution from our GenY’s), it was evident this module was going to be anything but a slider.  Very little else was now getting done in the office.  The challenge now was determining what to include and how to present it so that is was easy reading but you as the reader would be equally as enthralled reading it as we were putting it together.  As we uncovered the story, and the story behind the story, we revelled at the cleverness of individuals and collectively said a silent “thank you” as the story reached the digital age.

We love this new elective.  So much so that we felt it warranted a far more impressive title than “The History of Photography”.  So, here we are presenting our Professional Photography course elective subject called “The Evolution Of Photography And It’s Impact On The World As We Know It”.

We are studying Photography, so in a nutshell, this module is all about the world of Photography.  Where it is now, and how it got there.  Who helped it along the way and the impact it has had on individuals and society as a whole.

It focusses on the development in technology from ancient through to modern times. Technology does not advance without the curiosity, cleverness and tenacity of individuals so they are in it too.  We have included some individuals whose contribution cannot be ignored, both in the early days and we haven’t forgotten modern times, because today is tomorrow’s before and these are the people driving the now.  Every generation has its pioneers and adventurers, without such, there would not be a story to tell.  The major driving factor throughout all of this is the impact and influence photography has had on society.  The portrayal of events has helped shape the world, from the first images of Ethiopia, the walking on the moon, famine in Somalia, 911, images from world wars, black Saturday, Olympic games and the list goes on…  A news report can be dismissed.  An image tells the real story people don’t forget and cannot hide from.

We are living in the digital age.  Say it quickly and it slides off the tongue.  Say it slowly and it begins to sink in.  It is a visual world.  We are surrounded by digital images in one form or another.  The whole world around us is in full colour, captured, shared and streamed on high tech devices instantly visible from one part of the globe to the other.    What better time than now to be alive.  What better time to learn about photography.

If you choose elective module E4: The Evolution Of Photography And It’s Impact On The World As We Know It, you will not be disappointed.  It is not the slider module we started out to create.  It is far more.  It is interesting, educational and thought provoking.  All the things you are looking for!

Mick was inspired by the works of Sally Mann. Sally is an award winning photographer, who is somewhat controversial, with some seeing her work as brilliant and others seeing it as compelling, and a little disturbing.  This image was taken by Mick Mauldon as part of his assignment task, emulating the works of a chosen photographer.  Mick was impacted by the facial masks Sally Mann created.  The shot he emulated was called Virginia, its simplicity yet power is what makes the shot both disturbing yet beautiful.

Great job with this one Mick, and thank you for allowing us to share it.

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