It is an absolute great time of year to start to study and if you are contemplating studying photography then our helpful course checklist will help with your decision making.  The questions below are real ones we get asked regularly and I have included our responses.  Ask the same questions of anyone you are thinking of dealing with and see how things compare.


How are your courses provided? Online Camera Ed We are totally online so no classes to attend.
Are you Australian? Online Camera Ed We are Australian owned, operated and based and are not franchised.
$799 Diploma Course.  Are there any extra costs? Online Camera Ed The price we quote is what the course costs with no additional charges unlike some providers


Ok you say some providers charge extra.  What for? Online Camera Ed One point is that our courses are fully self paced so you do them as fast or slow as you like.  Some competitors will charge you extra if you take too long.  Another point is that if you have to resubmit an assignment multiple times until you achieve competency we do not charge any extra for this but a lot of our competition do.


Is your business and courses accredited? Online Camera Ed Our business is recognised and our two courses are internationally accredited so they are worthwhile qualifications that actually mean something. Here is a link to find out more on this –


What is different about your tutors to all of the other providers? Online Camera Ed Our tutors hold dual qualifications as both professional photographers and qualified trainers and assessors.  A lot of our competitors do not have this last qualification.  This is really important as our  team not only know the subject but they know how to correctly teach and assess it.



What is different about your course structure? Online Camera Ed Our Diploma course consists of twelve modules in total made up of ten compulsory modules plus two student choice electives.  The electives you choose can be based on your photographic interests.  We are one of the very few online providers offering electives.


How often do you update your content? Online Camera Ed Our whole course receives a full rewrite at least once per year and we do regular content updates as required throughout the year.  Our material is always up to date.
So it is $799.00 if I pay in full.  Do you offer any payment terms? Online Camera Ed Our costs are some of the most affordable and represent great value for money.  We also offer several different payment plans with either weekly or monthly instalments to help spread the costs out. Here is a link for more information –


Other than email can I phone for help as a lot of places I look at don’t offer a phone number and this makes me a bit nervous? Online Camera Ed We offer phone contact where you can actually speak to a person 24×7 along with email.


One place told me I could do a Diploma with my phone camera.  Is this good or not? Online Camera Ed We insist that the camera standard for doing our Diploma course is a DSLR camera.  Some competitors will allow you to do a Diploma level course on a phone camera.  This is ludicrous and there is no possible way to learn photography at a professional level on a phone camera.  Run a mile if your provider offers a Diploma level course on a phone camera.


Do you offer some sort of student area where students can discuss things? Online Camera Ed We offer a great, free, online Facebook Student Forum where students can discuss all matters about photography with their peers in a totally non judgemental atmosphere. It is non compulsory so join if you want to.
Do you respond promptly to questions that get asked? Online Camera Ed We respond quickly to all forms of communication and we pride ourselves on this and like I said earlier we offer a phone number for contact also.
How long does it take to get an assignment marked? Online Camera Ed You receive your marks back within five business days of submitting an assignment.  Usually we are even faster than this.
Is it pass fail? Online Camera Ed Yes we are competency based educators so you must pass the module you are working on before progressing.  That way we can correct things before they become an ingrained bad habit.
Do I have my own tutor? Online Camera Ed Yes on the day you enrol you will be assigned a tutor and given their contact information.  That same tutor stays with you for the entire duration of your course.
Do you have an online resource centre? Online Camera Ed Yes once you are enrolled you have access to our secure student area on the site and in that area you will find our resource centre.  It is like an online library and contains a lot of helpful information and videos to just help you out a bit.
Is your website easy to navigate? Online Camera Ed Extremely but just to help out when you enrol we supply you with a student handbook and it helps cover site navigation so it is not a problem.
What award do I receive on graduating? Online Camera Ed An official Diploma of Digital Photography which includes our seal and our accreditation seal along with a full course transcript which is a written record of the subjects you studied and the grades you achieved.
Where can I see a bit more information? Online Camera Ed Check our great video here –

Or download a free prospectus here at –