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Image above by Student Claire Clode.

So you have searched on photography courses and you have ended up on our site.¬† Thanks for that.¬† Now that you have found us, let’s not waste any more time.¬† We want to make it as easy as possible for you in choosing a photography course that is going to work for you, so lets take a look at what we at Online Camera Ed have on offer, what makes us unique and why you can’t go past our photography courses.

Real CHOICES in what you study

This is innovative.  This is modern.  This is unique in the online course world.  This is the best news ever!  You get to CHOOSE some of your subjects. We have put you in the drivers seat. This could be the key to your success.  In line with contemporary education, our Digital Photography Expert Course offers real choice. Along with the 10 core modules, you get to choose 2 elective modules from our selection of advanced course topics to suit your areas of interest.

Up to Date Course Content

Yes, our courses are modern and up to date.  We monitor trends, new equipment releases, software and advances in the industry to make sure our training material brings you the latest and stacks up with what is happening in the real world.

For All Skill Levels

Not sure about your skill level?¬† Don’t worry.¬† We don’t care what skill level you have when you join with us.¬† We care what skill level you have when you graduate one of our photography courses. Yes, I did say “when you graduate”.¬† Our courses are well written, easy to understand and are packed with hands on exercises and activities that really consolidate what you are learning, making our courses ideal for all skill levels, from beginners through to experienced.

Based in Australia

As you study on-line, you can be anywhere in the world.  You can access your study modules, visit our online library and submit  assignments 24/7 from anywhere at anytime as long as you have internet access.  We are based in Brisbane in Australia, so if it is night-time in Australia, we could be sleeping.  That is the only time you might have to wait to talk to us.

External Course Content and Training Audit Requirements Met

Our courses have been completely audited by IARC and they meet all established standards. So no matter where you live or where you wander, the qualification you have worked hard to achieve is helping you.  To pass this audit is not easy at all.  We have worked very hard to achieve this status and when you study with us in either our Digital Photography Expert and Digital Photography Basics courses, you know you are receiving quality education delivered the right way.

Tutor Qualifications

Every student enrolling in an Online Camera Ed photography course is assigned a tutor who stays with you from the beginning to the end of your studies with us. Our tutors are different….¬† they are all qualified professional photographers but they also hold current qualifications in training and assessment.¬† Let‚Äôs face it, not only does a tutor need to know how to do it, they have to know how to teach it. Ours do!¬† This is unique, and is really important to give every single student the absolute best opportunity for success.¬† Your tutor will always be there for you, cheering you on when you kick a goal, helping you over the hurdles, keeping you on track and helping you grow as a photographer.¬† The extra training and qualification means our tutors know how to bring the best out of their students and care enough to make it happen.

Excellent Value For Money

Our Expert course costs $799.00AUD if you pay up front (slightly more if you take one of our flexible payment plan options) and our Basics course costs $229.00AUD. These prices include GST.  That is it.  Nothing more. There are no other charges.  We DO NOT charge you extra if you take too long to complete your course.  We DO NOT charge you extra if you have to resubmit an assignment.  We DO NOT charge you extra if you need a little extra help here and there along the way.  Some of the online photography colleges do charge for each of these and more, so if you are looking around at other courses, make sure you ask the question. Download our FREE COURSE PROSPECTUS to get a good look at the content and inclusions in our photography courses.  They are well structured, packed with innovative content and are exceptional value for money.


Competency Based Training

Our system is competency based.   This means that you have to pass the assessment at the end of each module before moving on to the next one. This is a good thing.  Each new module builds on the skills learned in previous modules. We make sure that you master each new skill before tackling the next one.  The big reward comes at the end.  You will have acquired a diverse range of new photography skills and on graduation, will be awarded a formal qualification to prove it.  Our official award documents contain our seal and our accreditation information.  You also receive a full course transcript detailing the subjects you have studied and the results you have achieved.  These are real, meaningful documents that add value to your resume. Do not get taken in by places that offer certificates of completion or similar. These have limited value or meaning.

Online Facilities

Once you sign up and your enrolment is confirmed, you get to see and experience our photography college online campus.  You are able to log in to the secure student area of our website.  This is where you can download your study modules, upload assignments, choose your elective subjects or take a trip to our photographic library without even leaving your seat.   The library (or Resource Centre as we like to call it) is available only to our students.  It is packed full of help sheets, information sheets and reference documents you can download and demonstration videos you can watch that will make studying photography a whole lot easier.


Self Paced Learning

Some people are busy.  Some are not so.  Some people learn quickly.  Some take a little longer.  We get that.  That is why our courses are truly self-paced learning. There are no deadlines for assignments.  There are no time frames for completion.  There is no pressure.  No set times for modules or assignments.  You work totally at your own pace. That is fine by us.  We do not have set intakes each year.  You can enroll with us at any time and commence your study anytime.  We are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  As long as you are actively working on your course and your fees are up to date, your access remains open.


We have a phone, and we answer it! Sounds silly I know, but this is not the case with some of our competitors.¬† Call us anytime on 0478 596 045 and get to talk to a real person. We are happy to tell you that we are real, and our college is real. ¬† You can usually reach us anytime between 7am and 10pm (we need to get some sleep).¬† If we don’t answer straight away, leave a message and we will call you back. We are very happy to talk to you.


You are not doing this by yourself.  If you need help, we are here.  Ready to respond, and quickly.  Email us or call us.  Requests for student assistance are given top priority.  We respond quickly with friendly assistance and quality explanations and guidance that gets you back on track without delay.  Your tutor is with you every step of the way, encouraging you, helping you and challenging you to pass your course and be the best you can be.  This is what we do, and we do it well.

Student Forum

Sometimes it is great to talk to other students.  Bounce around some ideas. Share some images.  See what everyone else is doing.  Make some new friends.  Check out what equipment everyone else is using. Talk photography.  Help other students.  Get some help yourself.  Just hang out.  There is a place you can go.  Our student forum on Facebook is a private group open only to past and present students.  It is free.  It is not compulsory.

We care!

We are motivated and are genuinely interested in the outcome for every student. We go out of our way to ensure each and every student gets the support they need to succeed and reach their full potential in their photography studies.  That is not an extra for us.  That is part of the package.  It is what we do.  We encourage students to talk to us if they need assistance or are having a problem.  We care!

Take the next step.

Enroll today.  You will be so glad you did!


Brownies by Student Tim Day

Waterfall by Student Bruce White

Kingfisher by Student Graeme Cox

Snow Monkey by Student Gary Nichols

Night by Student Lynnie Taylor

Portrait by Student Daniel Niclair

Street Art Reflected by Student Roz Stanley

Moody Spice by Student Jemma Papiccio

Reflection by Student Mal Gregori

Vineyard by Student Helen McGuire

Wildlife by Student Julien Bastien

Frankston Pier by Student Ivan Glavis

Rose by Student Sky McClure

Smoke by Student Geoff Marchant

Dragonfly by Student Jan Morgan

Here at Online Camera Ed we are proud to support Australian farmers by way of the Buy A Bale scheme.  We donate whenever we can and we encourage you to do the same as every little bit helps.  While there are a lot of needs worldwide we believe our support needs to go towards fellow Australians. So come on Australia, get involved now!




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