Is my camera suitable for the Professional Course?

The answer lies in the camera features.


While we talk about needing a DSLR camera for the course, some of the compact and mirrorless cameras are also suitable.  Let’s take a look at the camera features we are looking for.  There are a couple of “must have” abilities.


Manual Shooting Modes

The first is Manual Shooting Modes.  This is a very important part of taking creative control of your images.  In the specifications for your camera, look for the camera “MODE”.  Shutter Priority mode is good.  Aperture Priority mode is good.  Manual mode is perfect.  Manual mode means you are the one making all of the decisions.  So,if your camera has a MANUAL MODE, the other two modes, or all three modes, give your camera a big tick.


Save images in RAW file format

The second is the ability to save images in RAW file format. This is a file format that saves nearly twice as much detail as a .jpg file saves. This is important. In the specifications for your camera, look for the “FILE FORMAT”. Some manufacturers have their own variation which could be named slightly differently, but it will be identified as RAW. If your camera can save images in RAW format, give your camera a tick.

If you gave your camera a tick for both features above, it is suitable for the course.

There are some other “nice to have” features such as interchangeable lenses and multiple focus points. While these would be good, they are not essential and will not stop you completing all elements of the Digital Photography Expert Course.

Check your camera manual or take a look at the manufacturer’s website to find out if your camera has the two main features listed above.

If you are still not sure, email us at with the brand and model number of your camera and we will check for you.


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