Your frequently asked questions answered…

Your courses look great. Has an external body audited them and how you guys operate?

We sure have.  Our business and all courses we offer have passed a rigorous independent evaluation process that looks at content, delivery and assessment models along with industry relevance and currency.  We are really happy to report that Online Camera Ed received a 5 star rating in these areas as reviewed by the external independent organisation IARC. (The International Accreditation and Recognition Council).

How long does it take to complete the course?

Most students are able to complete the Basics course in 4-6 months, and the Professional Photography course in 12 months.

What happens if I don’t complete the course within this time?

Our courses are self paced learning with no set deadlines so you can take as long as you want. Some people learn quickly. Others take a little longer. Some people have more time to devote to studies than others. You can take your time. That is fine by us.  As long as you submit at least one assignment in a 12 month period, your enrollment will remain active.  Should more than 12 months elapse, we deem that as having abandoned the course and your place with your tutor will be re-assigned.  Our course abandonment policy is detailed in another question in our FAQ’s page.

From when I enroll, how long does it take before I can start my course?

Once you enroll and pay your course fee (or initial payment if you are on a payment plan), your enrollment will be processed. Your log-in and site access will be established within 24 hours and you will be up and running.

Do I have to do the Basics Course before I can do the Professional Photography Course?

No. You do not need to do the Basics Course first. You can enroll directly into the Professional Photography Course. The courses are different. If you have a DSLR camera, the Professional Photography Course is the best course for you to do.

Do I need a special camera?

For the Basics Course, you can use any camera that captures a digital image, even your smart phone. For the Professional Photography Course, you need either a DSLR camera or a modern mirrorless or compact camera with the required features.  Click here to check if your camera is suitable or find out more.

How long does it take for an assignment to be marked?

Assignments are generally marked within 5-7 working days. We don’t want to slow you down, so you can start working on your next module once your assignment has been submitted. You don’t have to wait until you get your results back.

What happens if I don’t pass an assessment?

If an assignment does not meet the required standard, that shows us you need a little bit of extra assistance with this one. Your tutor will go through the trouble spots with you in detail, giving you extra help where it is needed. You can re-submit the assignment when you are ready. This is all part of the learning process. Your original course fee covers any additional tuition and re-submissions as required. There are no additional fees or charges.

Do I need image editing software?

Yes as we are working with digital images, so you will need a software program that allows you to download and process your images. The cost of this software is not included in your course. We teach Adobe Photoshop, but there are other programs you can use if you prefer. Please be aware that our lecture notes and support are directed towards the use of Photoshop. Adobe has recently stopped selling Photoshop in a standalone package that you could install on your computer and this has been replaced by their cloud based subscription service called Creative Cloud. Please note that Adobe requirements mean that students enrolled in our Professional Photography Course do qualify for student discounts on selected Adobe Software, however Basic Course students do not.  Adobe stipulate this to qualify for the student rates. Follow this link to the latest pricing information from Adobe –

I have not studied in a long time. Is the course difficult?

Do not worry. Our courses cater for people of all ages, experience and ability. The courses are written by experts. They are designed to gently ease you into study mode. They are written in a way that is interesting, fun and easy to understand, with lots of hands-on practical sessions along the way to keep you interested and help you really get into it. Parts of the courses may challenge you. That is all part of learning. You have our full support to guide and assist you every step of the way.

Do I have to attend any classes or workshops?

No. All of your study can be done online in your own time. How convenient is that!

In the Professional Photography Course, how many modules is it delivered in?

Our Professional Photography Course is delivered in 12 modules in total.  The first 10 modules are compulsory and then you pick the other two out of our ever increasing range of electives.

What sort of things are covered in the electives?

Really great fun topics such as Light Painting, Water Droplet Photography,Smoke Photography, Situational Photography and the list goes on.  They are all highly interesting, awesome topics.

When do I have to choose my electives?

Our advice is that you choose them after completing module 9.

How do I progress through the course?

Online Camera Ed are competency based educators.  What this means in simple terms is that we do not let you progress on to another assessment if you have not achieved competency in the one you have submitted for marking. You can download the next study module but you should not submit the assessment for that module until you have received your marks for the previous one.

It is really important that any problem areas you may be experiencing are fixed as soon as possible and this is why we do not allow course progression until you are fully competent in what you have covered in the module you have just completed.

In photography, doing things the right way is really important so it is in your best interests to not take any short cuts in your learning.

I noticed a big price difference between your course and for example TAFE. Why is that?

Online Camera Ed has made a conscious decision to provide high quality, affordable, basic and professional level online photography courses. Our intention is to  make quality photography training available to a wide variety of people. The reality is that a lot of people just can’t afford the $12,000 to $30,000 it costs to do courses at places like TAFE and universities. So this is where we fit in as we try and fill the gap that has been created by the ever increasing price of education.  Our quality courses start at just $229.00 and are perhaps the best professional level online photography courses in Australia.

What Award Documents do I receive on graduating?

When you graduate, you will receive a formal, official Graduation document that you can frame and hang on your wall.  It includes our official seal, plus that of our external quality governing body.  You will also receive a full formal course transcript document which details the subjects you have studied and the marks you have achieved. Your graduation paperwork is sent to you in the mail via Australia Post. These documents are official recognition that you have graduated our properly structured, competency based, externally audited courses.  Our qualifications are well regarded within the photography industry.

I noticed another place I looked at mentioned course abandonment. What is your policy on this?

A lot of training providers like TAFE colleges and universities use the term course abandonment to advise students that if they do  not actively work on their course for a period of time, their enrollment will be cancelled and they will no longer be able to participate in the course and they also can not get a refund.  Most of these places set the time frame for this at six months.  At Online Camera Ed we have this policy however to make things more fair for our students we have extended the timeframe to one year so with us this means you must submit at least one completed assignment in a twelve month period to stay current and enrolled. We think this is a very fair policy and is not a big ask. We believe that people enroll in courses to actually do them so students have to take responsibility for this part of their study routine. In the event of being classed as abandoned then all fees paid are lost and are not refundable. The reason providers like us have these policies is that when a student enrolls with us we assign a personal tutor to them so if a student does not do anything for more than a year we essentially have a tutor who could have been helping someone else not being used effectively. We would rather see our tutors actively helping you graduate from your course.

If I enroll am I affected by things like Copyright?

That is a very interesting question.  Any work you create in other words images you take belong to you so you have copyright on them.  We have Copyright on this website and a range of things so instead of boring you with that here I will give you the links to our website pages that cover those type things.  All prospective students should read these points in any case as it is a great idea to have all of the information.

Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy


Privacy Policy

Username Information

When you go to login remember your username is not your email address.  You decided on your username when you enrolled and it is this then followed by your password that logs you in to the site. ALSO REMEMBER YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD ARE CASE SENSITIVE. Using your email address to log on will block you from getting onto the site after multiple attempts and could trigger you receiving  a message on screen that you have a 401 error.  See next point on how to fix a 401 error.

Problem Logging In

Sometimes if you have tried to log in with the wrong credentials you will be blocked from access.  You may even see a 401 error message. To fix this you need to clear cookies and temporary internet files from your computer and then switch it off for five minutes.  Then switch back on and try to login again.  Remember to use your CASE SENSITIVE username and not your email address for this.  If you are still having problems another option is that you can try another web browser.  Free options are Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera. If still having no luck then you now should  email tech support at for help.  They will ask if you have taken the steps mentioned previously first.  If you still have no luck they will reset your password which usually will work as a last ditch effort but please try the previously mentioned problem solving steps first.

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