Food photography dates back to the 1800s in the artistic arena, heavily influenced by still life paintings of banquets or fruit with the traditional symbolisms like grapes for excess or peaches for fertility.

The 20th Century saw the introduction of colour advertising.  Companies wanted to sell products and that included food.  Illustrations were beginning to appear in cookbooks, food magazines were hitting the shelves and through photography, cooking was becoming fashionable and food was being made appealing to the senses.  People started to get a little excited by cooking, and what better place to share their exploits in the modern world than on social media.

Instagram can take some credit for where food photography rests today, along with reality television shows and personalities that have made cooking fun and food an artform.   We are now living in a very digital world.  We are surrounded by images, our senses are heightened to it and our children are growing up expecting it.

With food photography, presentation is everything.  Student, Zach Rogers took this image at a friend’s café.  The dark table provides the ideal backdrop for a light and moody shot.  Love the symmetry of the platter and the colours just pop!  Great work Zach, and thankyou for allowing us to share your image.

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