High speed photography is one of the most exciting things you can do with your camera.

This brilliant image is from  one of our students, Doreen Farrugia. Doreen is enrolled in our Professional Photography Course and she was working on one of our great student choice elective subjects titled Advanced Photography Techniques.

High speed photography is all about the set-up, timing and persistence to make it work and capture the image you are after.  Doreen has done an awesome job of capturing this splash in a tea cup.  Love the idea.  Staging is great and lighting and setting choices are primed for a great capture.  Well done Doreen and thank you for allowing us to share your image.

Advanced Photography Techniques is one of the elective subject options included in our Professional Photography Course.  In this unit, you will get to experience the jaw dropping effect of high speed impact photography and give water droplet photography a splash. You get to indulge your sense of humor with forced perspective photography. You will need a few people to help you but this one is easy and something you can have a lot of fun with. Night time activities include star trails and light painting. Add in a little smoke photography and to finish it off, we discover the visual appeal of bokeh photography. If you thought photography was fun before, this module takes it to a whole new level.

What we love about this elective is that it will take you outside of your comfort zone.  It may test your knowledge and force you to invoke your problem solving skills, inject a bit of creativity and thinking outside of the square to master these advanced photography techniques.  It is a terrific module designed for students who have a sense of adventure, are a little interested in science are confident in their abilities and like to be challenged.

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