We have been having a very busy weekend with new courses and  site update work keeping us quite occupied. Thanks for your patience while this work has been happening.  There will be some ongoing fine tuning over the next 48 hours but the site is fully operational while this is happening.

This is exciting news so I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.

Firstly you will see that the site has had a new look applied and we like how it looks and feels.  Our recent change over to much faster servers will produce a much quicker load time for all users so this is good for everyone.

In addition we have added two completely new courses to our lineup and in response to your feedback we have modified the existing Professional Course to make it fit real world expectations better. Here are the details.

So the two new courses are as follows:

DSLR Basics Course.  This one is designed for anyone who owns a DSLR or mirrorless camera and they want to learn how to operate it in manual mode and produce good quality images.  Included in this course is our standard Adobe Photoshop module also so it will allow someone to take good quality images and then manage the post production in Photoshop when they get home. It is a great lead in to doing the Professional Course also. Like to know more about it.  Check out the COURSE OVERVIEW page here.

The next new course is our Post Production offering and it is a cracker.  It is made up of four modules and it includes a basic module on Photoshop and one on Lightroom plus advanced modules on both products also.  This gives you the full range of post production skills from basic to advanced on both of these industry standard pieces of software. This is the one you want to consider if you really want to take your post production skills to a really high level. Like to know more about it.  Check out the COURSE OVERVIEW page here.

One other significant change we have made is to the existing Professional Photography Course.  We received a lot of student feedback that the module on setting up a business was not required by a lot of students as going into business was not the reason they wanted to study photography.  So in response we have made some changes.  The Professional course is still 12 modules in size but now it is made up of nine core modules and students get to choose 3 elective subjects from our newly extended list of 7 available electives. (more on them shortly).  For those that still want to do the business module it is now available as an elective. For existing students this is no inconvenience at all. If you are between modules 9 and 12 you just carry on as normal. Continue reading this article as it details how you can access the extra electives if you want to. If you are between modules 1 to 8 you simply choose three electives and let us know your choices.  To read about the new electives or to advise us of your choices just click here for the ELECTIVES PAGE. If you have previously advised us of your electives and you have changed your mind just fill the form out with your new choices. Now this next part only applies to students in the Professional Course but once you complete your course and If you want to do more than three electives these can be purchased individually. Check out our COURSE FEES page for more information.

So I have been talking about the new electives and they are a big  part of the changes we have made.  Now we have seven modules in total and three are included for students who have not passed module 8 in the Professional Course but for all Professional Course students they can purchase extra electives individually as I mentioned earlier. To see all of the details check out the ELECTIVES page here.

All of this new material is fully supported by our expert tutors and as part of this process a large number of new videos and other reference material has been added to the Resource Centre so this is just brilliant.

This is by far the biggest update we have ever done but the student benefits are huge.

We hope you all enjoy this great new site with all of this new content.

All the best with your studies.


The Online Camera Ed Team.