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Portrait Photography Course

Fully Online Course
Nine interactive modules
Studio and Natural Light Portraits
Incl. tuition in Lightroom Classic for editing

This course will take your portrait photography to the next level.  Starting with a quick run through photographyn’tsics, we take an in-depth look at what makes for a top portrait shot and how to harness the light to create stunning natural light portraits.  We also move indoors, investigating the massive array of lighting equipment, what it does and how to use it.  Lean the do’s and don’t for families and groups, newborns, weddings, fashion, sports and events.  All are similar, but all have their own secrets for success.  The course would not be complete without 2 units of solid tuition in Lightroom Classic for the final touches.


UNIT 1: Getting Set Up – Cameras and Equipment

We all have to start somewhere.  In this unit, we explore what portrait photography is all about, from traditional and fine art portraiture to the modern where lifestyle, environmental and fashion  portraiture rule.  We look at cameras, lenses, filters and other things you will need to do the job well, and begin to get familiar with your camera menus, buttons, switches and dials that will ultimately give you the control you need to create stunning portrait images. 

UNIT 2: Mastering Exposure

The exposure triangle, mastering shutter speed, aperture and ISO.  You will take control of your camera.  Before the end of this unit, you will be freezing the action, blurring the movement, panning and focussing with ease.  You will be blurring backgrounds and exposing images with creativity and flare.

UNIT 3: Lightroom 1 for the Portrait Photographer

Image management is huge for the modern photographer.  The digital world has skyrocketed the importance of this right to the top.  It is a must on every photographer’s skill list, and ADOBE LIGHTROOM CLASSIC is the weapon of choice.  In this unit, you will learn your way around the software, how to catalogue and locate your images, adjust exposure and as a special treat, you will discover Presets – Adobe’s gift to photographers.  We will also show you how to add that all important watermark.

UNIT 4: The Colour of Light and Black and White

We look at light, where it comes from, how to measure it and how to work with it.  You will discover why the camera sees and captures images differently to what you see with your eyes and we explore the wonderful world of colour, so important for skin tone in portrait photography.  The Histogram will become your new best friend.  Every image has one.  Learn how to read it, understand it, and use it to make exposure adjustments on the fly.  We also look at the world of black and white images.  What makes a great one and why not every image is a contender.


UNIT 5: Image Composition

Now that you have the basic fundamentals under control, it is time to bring it all together and start to really have some fun. This unit shows you how to put together that winning portrait image, blending backgrounds, angles, perspectives, depth of field, working with reflections, leading and directing the eye and the list goes on. Free-thinking and creativity are encouraged. Learn to pre-visualise your images, put your theory into action and you will see the beginning of your own style emerging in your images.  We also look to strengthen your technique to help you avoid common problems and frustrations.

UNIT 6: Natural Light Portraits

This unit is your all essential guide to creating stunning portrait images in natural light.  From location and lens selection to composition and posing, we have it covered.  We will have you working in natural light with ease, bringing your portraits to life with just your camera.


UNIT 7: Studio Portraits

Now we take it inside into the studio.  This is a whole other world.  We look at artificial lighting.  What is available and how to use it.  We explore different lighting setups that flatter different face shapes and body types.  You get to experience the power of light and use it to make your subject’s personality shine through in your image.

UNIT 8: The Portrait Specialties

Families, Newborns, Weddings, Fashion, Sports, Events.  All are similar, but all have their own secrets for success.  We uncover the do’s and don’ts and give you hints and tips the professionals use to prevent that photoshoot from turning from success to disaster in the blink of an eye.



It is back to Adobe Lightroom Classic, this time taking it to the next level.  We tackle some finer corrections, explore filters, presets, adjustment brushes and retouching techniques, split toning, selective colour effects and the list goes on.  We also switch into Photoshop where we begin to see the true power of this amazing software to advance our proficiency in the subtle art of image retouching. We show you how to put smiles on faces, cure acne and correct noses without the cost of plastic surgery. We liquify faces and then it is back to Lightroom to finish it off.  There is so much to learn, see and do, all backed up with a comprehensive set of demonstration videos that work hand in hand with your unit workbook.