I reckon portrait photography is one of the most popular areas in photography. It is not without its challenges but once you understand the basic principles, you are well on your way to taking some great images.

One of the big misconceptions is that you need to own a lot of expensive equipment to capture good portraits.  This is not true, and you can easily work with what you have around the house and still achieve outstanding results.  Desk lamps, phones, torches and you can use cardboard and alfoil to make a reflector.  A little knowledge, a little imagination and you are away.  A great activity the whole family can join in.

The image in this blog is from one of our students, Vanessa Nelson

Here is Vanessa’s description of what she did:

“I only had one flash and I wanted to maximise its use. I pointed the flash to the ceiling, set it on manual mode, 50mm at 1/8 power.  I asked Phillip to wear his hat so that the flash would light it but the brim of the hat shadowed his face. I placed a silver reflector at his feet and asked him to lean forward while placing his chin between his thumb and pointer. I managed to get the catch lights in his eyes and put light into his face by using the reflector.  The only post production was to crop and change to black and white”

Good job Vanessa, you have captured a great image and thanks for sharing.

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