The flexibility of our Diploma of Digital Photography course especially our great elective subjects gives student’s the ability to choose subjects for tasks and assignments that appeal to their individual interests and reflection photography is the genre used here.  That way, you are tailoring what you are learning to your areas of interest, keeping it fun and making the most of every learning experience.  Online Camera Ed student Penny Halleen has done this with her reflection task in Module 5.

Linking my photography to things that are special in my life, I decided to incorporate my camellia bush which is flush with magnificent red blooms and surrounded at its base with the remains of the blossoms that fell last week as a result of a storm. Initially, it was my intention to use a round mirror to capture the reflection I was seeking but as I did not have one that was suitable I experimented with a round gold lid of a jar of hand lotion. It worked a treat!!! I placed the container in the discarded blossoms under the bush and heaped them up to the edge to disguise the white sides of the container and just left the lid exposed. The lid was strategically placed under red blossoms which reflected beautifully.

We think Penny has done a great job and we appreciate that she has allowed us to share here great work. Thanks Penny.

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