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The staff at Online Camera Ed were professional and prompt in all correspondence and feedback. The course was challenging but very rewarding and I loved the feedback from Debbie my tutor even when it was not always positive. She challenged me to better myself and encouraged me to reach my goals. I am now confident in the use of my camera and other DSL cameras as well. I have a solid understanding of not only what to photograph but the use of angles, lighting and textures to enhance an image and create emotions in the veiwer. Who knew an exceptional photograph requires so much consideration? The course has far exceeded my expectations.


Deanne Bale


I would recommend this course to any one who is serious about improving or being challenged in their photography . Heaps to learn and is the beginning to your understanding. It doesn’t stop here!


Geoff Cooper


I highly recommend the Online Camera Ed – Diploma in Photography course.  The course is very well structured.  It covers everything you need to know to shoot in manual mode.  The photography tasks are challenging and you use the skills that you learn in the course.  The tutors are extremely helpful giving lots of feedback and very quick at marking the assignments. The course gets you ready to start your own photography business. I loved it!  Thank you!


Chris Milici


The course was sufficiently challenging and informative to help me understand photography at a deeper level.

I am now in control of my camera and photography and excited for future development. I now understand what makes a good photo and can use my experience of this course to capture more good shots with less fails.


Scott Thompson


“What an enjoyable experience i had for the past 11 months. This diploma course kept me thinking about what sort of photographer i wanted to become. The assignments are great and at times were challenging but rewarding as well. Thanks to my tutor Deb, who would return my emails mostly on the same day. Very productive course, would recommend to amateur photographers who want to move to the next level. Thanks.”5-stars

Geoff Marchant


“I can thoroughly recommend this course to prospective students! It is competitively priced and provides a good basis for your future development as a photographer. The modules are progressively more difficult – as you would expect – but none were so technical or advanced that was unable to understand or complete them. Deb my tutor provided valuable feedback and I cannot thank her enough for the help and support I received as a student. One very nice aspect of this course is that I was not restricted in the time for completion.”


Tim Roberts


“If your looking for photography training don’t go past camera Ed. Very helpful assistance. Well set-out training, easy to understand. Thanks Camera Ed Team.”


Graeme Cox


I spent years wanting to learn more about photography before I found this course. The cost was reasonable, and I could do it on-line in my own time, with no time constraints in which to finish it. What more could I want?

I had a wonderful time working through the modules and learnt so much – in fact, I enjoyed it so much that I finished well ahead of my expected timeframe. The support was great, and the assignments were marked and returned very promptly.

I have learnt a lot about my camera and about photography – and I will continue to practice and learn into the future. Thank you for making learning so much fun.


Dona Shiell


“I finished my Diploma of Digital Photography Course with Online Camera Ed, and have taken the “leap of faith” and am now working as a photographer. I have done a few commercial jobs and have also sold some of my images. It is the best feeling, doing what I love and actually getting paid for it. It is early days yet, but it just feels so right. A big thank you to my tutor, Deb. I could not have done this without you. For anyone considering doing a photography course, Online Camera Ed is a great choice. Everything from the course modules to the video tutorials make learning easy. Someone is always there to help you, or in my case, push me a little harder or show me another way of doing things. I will miss you!”


Alex Palmer


“I would highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their photography skills and start to produce really professional images. It’s a course that enables a learner to work along at their own pace without pressure of assignment deadlines. This suits the part time or mature student.”


John Bradbury


“Going back to study was a big step for me, especially juggling a partner, two teenagers and a full time job.  With the online study, I could fit it in when I wanted.  It really worked for me.  Full credit to Online Camera Ed.  The learning material is really well put together, easy to understand and the humour throughout kept me smiling all the way through.  The video demonstrations in the help centre are great.  They brought some of the concepts to life and made concepts easy to grasp.  A big thankyou to Deb, Leigh and the team at Online Camera Ed.  You have been great.  My questions were answered and assignments were marked quickly, and I found your comments helpful, encouraging and thought provoking.”


Ally Baxter


“I absolutely loved this course very thorough and I learnt so much. The support and feedback was everything that I needed. I completely recommend this course to change your life.”


Rachel Pullen


“Having completed the Diploma in Digital Photography Course through Online Camera Ed I now have a much better understanding of photography, how to strive for that perfect image, and how to use my camera for better results. I would recommend this course to anybody who wants to gain better knowledge of their photography and the business of photography.”5-stars Keith Hawley


“I knew very little about the technical side of photography. I just knew it was something I wanted to do. As I had not studied for a long time, I must admit to being a little nervous about signing up. After working through the first module, I knew I had made a good decision.

The online learning worked brilliantly with my busy lifestyle, and the assistance, guidance and support I received was beyond my expectations. I have recently graduated the course, and the improvement in my photography is unbelievable. Thank you Online Camera Ed. It has been an amazing journey, and one I will cherish.”


Julie Campbell


“This course changed my life, my eye to photography and my comfort level greatly with my camera. I cannot thank my tutor deb enough for all of her help at all hours of the day and night. The fast grading and the help for even helping understand my own camera. ”


Kara Black


“It’s great because you can study at your own pace in your own time.”


Bianca Stirling


“Awesome course.  Best thing I have ever done.  Don’t just think about it, do it”


Ben Jacobson


“Thank you for helping me understand my camera more, it has been very interesting and fun.”4-stars

Lynnie Taylor


“I really enjoyed the course. Being at your own pace was perfect for me as my work schedule is full on. I’m looking forward to putting my new skills to the test next year and am grateful to have the modules still there to look back on for guidance. Thank you Deb!”


Sarah Jones


“I always thought my images were pretty good.  I just signed up for the Diploma course to learn a bit more of the technical side before I start my own photography business.  Wow.  His course has blown me away.  The whole way I look at things now has changed, and I hate to admit it, but the original images that I thought were good are no-where near where they needed to be.  Thanks to my tutor and the Online Camera Ed team.  You have been great.”


Julian Sanders


“I found this course rewarding with practical subjects and tasks. The learning material was easy to understand and the customer service was fast and encouraging.”


Marcia Evans


“I found this course to be thoroughly enjoyable, with excellent support provided by my tutor. To anyone who is looking for an online photography course to complete you really can not go past this course for value and support with your study’s”


Kerry Brophy


“I can honestly say I can’t believe how much I have learnt in this course. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is either pursuing a job in photography or just learning how to take way better photos. it is very flexible if you have a full time job as I did. The tutor’s and director of Camera Ed were always helpful and very friendly.”


Brendan Evans


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