How great is this example of star trail photography by our student, Lynne Broughton?

Now I could bore you with my description of this but I will hand it over to Lynne so here is  her description enclosed in ”

“I have used a Nikon 16mm–35mm f/4 Lens for these 134 Images. Camera Settings were – Manual Mode, 25 sec, f/4, ISO 2500, at 16mm Focal Length, Tripod, Auto Remote.

For this Task I chose the Star Trail Speciality, and I have chosen a scene at the Fingal Head Lighthouse to create the Star Trails. The Lighthouse itself did produce some light, but I still thought the setting outweighed the light coming from the lighthouse, and it provided a great atmosphere and perspective for the Star Trails. I wanted to create an image with a good composition and lot of interest to go with the star trails, and I think I achieved this using the lighthouse and trees around it. The star trails are also slightly changing direction in part of the image, and the smaller circles from the South Celestial Pole are just off to the right side behind the leaves of the tree.

I had no trouble with creating the star trail Images. After taking a few test shots to get the correct settings and composition I was after, I then set my remote to automatically take the images at the intervals I had programmed it for, with it all taking just over an hour to complete. I then did some post processing in Lightroom, eliminated any of the images with plane light trails, and then blended the images in Photoshop to get the final Star Trail Image.

I have tried Star Trails previously on a couple of practice runs, with nothing much in the image but just the star trails in a circle. I have always found it to be quite easy to do, it is just the time it takes while you are waiting patiently. I had no problems with taking these images or blending them for the final Image, and I am quite happy with the final result.”

We think you have done a great job Lynne and thanks for letting us share your image. We cover some really exciting subjects in our online photography courses especially in our elective subjects in the Expert Course so if you can see your self taking great images like this one then Come And Study With Us Now.