One of our great student choice electives is Vision Inspired Photography and it is very popular.

This beautiful image was taken by one of our students, Hollie Venning.  Hollie is enrolled in our Online Professional Photography Course and she has been working on one of our elective subjects titled Vision Inspired Photography.

The task was for Holly to capture an image that exemplifies mood and ambience.

Here is what Hollie had to say about her image.

“In the low light of this image, the setting sun creates a looming presence in the sky. This photo was taken in winter, and the early fog rolling in through the hills adds to the almost eerie mood as it accentuates the depth of field. The warm colour of the sun helps it to stand out, creating the contrast of temperature in the image.”

Great job Hollie and I think you have hit the brief well.  Thanks for letting us share.

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