Hi everyone.  The 25th of April is time to take a quick break and reflect on this majorly significant event for all of us.

Anzac Day has come to represent such huge sacrifice by so many and we continue to enjoy the legacy that these wonderful people provided for us.

We are truly so fortunate to live in our beautiful country.

So to all service men and women past and present we say a heartfelt thankyou.  To those that have made the ultimate sacrifice you are true heroes and will never be forgotten.

From the team at Online Camera Ed – Lest We Forget.




The question of how much does it cost to study photography is one we hear quite a lot.

If you choose to go down the path of TAFE or University then currently the approximate range is from $12,000.00 up to around $30,000.00 a course. Yes these are  top level qualifications but not everyone can afford this or a higher education debt to pay off and they are also technically quite difficult. We think this is  quite sad especially if you are really passionate about photography and learning it. Also some people just don’t want to study this level of very difficult course which can be quite complicated.

So all is not lost as we have a perfect solution and this is right where our college and courses fit in.  Our courses are well written and easy to follow and understand. We provide professional level photography courses at a price range that makes them affordable for everyone.  Our Professional Course consists of twelve modules, two of which are student choice electives.  This course costs as little as $16.50 per week on our 36 week payment plan.  No nasty education  debts and you will well and truly have finished your plan before graduating from your course.  This is the perfect solution. To see more on this and our other great payment options checkout our FEES PAGE.

The Professional Photography Course is fantastic and you will learn so much including the use of Adobe Photoshop as a core module and Lightroom as an elective if you choose.  You will learn to be in full control of your camera and use it in manual mode.  No more auto mode shooting.  How good will that be?

So if you want to do a great course which will give you real world, widely recognised photography skills then Online Camera Ed is the place for you.




I absolutely love this image by our student Anita Morgan for a number of reasons but certainly her application of the rule of thirds goes such a long way to setting this glorious image up.

This image was taken just after sunrise. The horizon has been positioned on the top third line to entice the viewers eye to follow the leading line of the rock wall out into the ocean. The light and the combination of warm tones versing the cool tones bring this image to life. The colours also define a subtle separation or division based on the rule of thirds. The top third is less saturated and the colour brings your eye to a resting point within the scene.

Module 5 in our twelve module Professional Photography Course is all about style and composition.  Style and composition is a seriously important part of putting together a great image.  From this stage of the professional course onwards, it is time to bring together all that students have learnt so far, let their creativity take hold and they can really start to experiment.  Most students are surprised at what you they can do with a little imagination.

All the advertising in the world that we do is nothing compared to showing great quality images that our students are creating.  This shows in real terms the benefits our courses can bring to your photography.  It also gives us a clear guide as to how a student is progressing. Like to see some more than check out our GALLERY

Great job Anita and thanks for letting us share your image.





OK everyone we are so happy with the response to our recent photography course sale that we have decided to extend it so if you want to take advantage of our great discounts then now is the time to Enroll.

Our great 12 module professional course including self choice elective subjects which also  includes instruction on Photoshop as a core module and Lightroom as an elective is usually $799 but is currently reduced to $549 if you pay up front.  We have also applied great discounts to our flexible payment plans saving you a lot of money.

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We are so proud to be able to offer what we believe is the best priced professional photography course currently available.  At our current sale price of $549.00 AUD  (normal price is $799.00) you get real, value for money photography training.  Did you know that places like TAFE can charge in the range of $16,000.00 right up to $30,000.00 for photography courses?  Not everyone can afford this and that is where we come in providing quality, great value courses.

You get so much when you study with us. Here are some examples of what makes us truly unique in online photography course providers in Australia:

Modern up to date content that is well written and easy to understand.

Great price including flexible monthly and weekly payment plans.

True professional level course including Adobe Photoshop as a compulsory module and Adobe Lightroom as a student choice elective.

24×7 student support

Professional Course delivered in twelve modules ten of which are compulsory with you choosing the last two from our electives

Tutors who are qualified professional photographers plus also holding current Trainer and Assessor qualifications

Real save money student benefits which cover discounts on hardware thanks to our national deal with Teds Camera Stores or discount photobooks thanks to our partnership with Momento Pro Photobooks and discounts on your own website as a result of our partnering arrangement with Jezweb.

Free student forum to those that want to join the group and share information with their peers

Phone and email contact and not just email like some.

No additional fees for things like assignment resubmissions.  With us the price you see is all you pay.

I could go on and add a lot more but this will give you some indication of what we offer.

So you have got a few options from here.

Watch all about us on this great video – ONLINE CAMERA ED VIDEO

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Image courtesy of one of our awesome graduates, Gary Nichols.





From all of us here at Online Camera Ed we hope you all have a Happy Easter.

Our office will close from 5pm on Thursday the 29th of March 2018 and will re-open on Tuesday morning the 3rd of April 2018 at 8am.

Deb and I will be managing the phone and email during the break and students can lodge assignments and access the website as normal.

Assignment marking may be slightly slower for these few days as we will be on reduced staffing.

To anyone wanting to enroll and especially to take advantage of our March special, you can do this at any time of day on our website,

So everyone, have a great Easter and we hope you get some time with family and friends during the break.

All the best.

Brian and Deb Beitz and the Online Camera Ed Team.




OK everyone time is getting on and our professional photography course sale won’t last much longer.

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March is the month you have been waiting for as we are offering our Online Photography Course sale.

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Digital Photography Expert Course Normally $799 but now only $549.00 if you want to pay up front in full.

But wait for those of you wanting to pay by one of our convenient payment plans, you haven’t been forgotten either.

Remember when you enroll on any of our payment plans you only pay the first amount to get up and running so for instance if you choose the weekly plan you only pay $16.50 during the sale to get enrolled and started.  Then your payments just come out at the scheduled interval. Here are the payment plan options.

Monthly payments on our six month plan are usually $140.00 per  month but now they are just $99.00 per month.

Monthly payments on our nine month plan are usually $99.00 per  month but now they are just $66.00 per month.

Weekly payments on our thirty-six week plan are usually $24.75 per week but now they are just $16.50 per week.

All is covered here on our Fees and Payments Page.

What you get from us is our full professional level online photography course, The Digital Photography Expert.  Delivered in twelve modules this is a great, modern course which teaches you everything at a professional level that you ever need to now about photography including Photoshop. Our twelve modules are made up of ten core modules plus you get to choose the last two from our student choice electives.  This is great as you actually get to choose subjects based on your interests. You are supported by one of our tutors for the entire length of your course and your tutor is not only a qualified professional photographer, they are also qualified in training and assessment.  After all you want to be taught the right way. Free membership in  our Facebook Student Forum is also very popular.  I could go on but I think you get the idea of how good this offer really is.

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All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars.




How great is this example of star trail photography by our student, Lynne Broughton?

Now I could bore you with my description of this but I will hand it over to Lynne so here is  her description enclosed in ”

“I have used a Nikon 16mm–35mm f/4 Lens for these 134 Images. Camera Settings were – Manual Mode, 25 sec, f/4, ISO 2500, at 16mm Focal Length, Tripod, Auto Remote.

For this Task I chose the Star Trail Speciality, and I have chosen a scene at the Fingal Head Lighthouse to create the Star Trails. The Lighthouse itself did produce some light, but I still thought the setting outweighed the light coming from the lighthouse, and it provided a great atmosphere and perspective for the Star Trails. I wanted to create an image with a good composition and lot of interest to go with the star trails, and I think I achieved this using the lighthouse and trees around it. The star trails are also slightly changing direction in part of the image, and the smaller circles from the South Celestial Pole are just off to the right side behind the leaves of the tree.

I had no trouble with creating the star trail Images. After taking a few test shots to get the correct settings and composition I was after, I then set my remote to automatically take the images at the intervals I had programmed it for, with it all taking just over an hour to complete. I then did some post processing in Lightroom, eliminated any of the images with plane light trails, and then blended the images in Photoshop to get the final Star Trail Image.

I have tried Star Trails previously on a couple of practice runs, with nothing much in the image but just the star trails in a circle. I have always found it to be quite easy to do, it is just the time it takes while you are waiting patiently. I had no problems with taking these images or blending them for the final Image, and I am quite happy with the final result.”

We think you have done a great job Lynne and thanks for letting us share your image. We cover some really exciting subjects in our online photography courses especially in our elective subjects in the Expert Course so if you can see your self taking great images like this one then Come And Study With Us Now.





Now I think food photography is one of the best photographic genres.

Where else do you get to eat the subject after grabbing some images?

Food photography is becoming increasingly popular and some photographers make a good living out of this area.

Amongst the wide range of subjects we teach, food photography is included in our comprehensive, professional level online photography course.

So if you want to capture those cupcakes or something equally mouth watering then let us teach you how to do it.

If you want to know more then download our free course information here – FREE COURSE INFORMATION

If you are ready to start learning in our cool photography courses then Online Camera Ed is waiting for you so Enroll Now!