Where do you sit on the Christmas gift giving ladder?  Are you up there with the best, or did you bomb out last year?  We have the perfect Christmas gift idea that is sure to rocket you right to the top in one single stroke of brilliance.  But be warned.  It is guaranteed to get your stuffing hugged like never before.

For the ultimate Christmas gift, think beyond the camera.  Sign up your partner, friend or family member (or yourself if you want to) for the photographic journey of a lifetime.  Our digital photography courses take students on an adventure that delights, inspires and challenges them as they learn, opening their eyes and minds to a whole new world of beauty and possibilities. Why capture the ordinary when you could be capturing the extraordinary. This is a gift of knowledge and empowerment that keeps on giving in all the right ways.

Yes, studying can be fun!  There are no classes to attend or deadlines to be kept.  We make it easy, with totally online courses available from anywhere at any time.  We are the friendly photography college and we are awfully good at what we do.  See for yourself:

Make your move now, and give the ultimate best Christmas gift ever.  We all want to “make a difference” in the lives of those we love.  This is one way you can, and someone you love will be so glad you did for a long time to come.

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Note:  If you are enrolling someone as a gift, we don’t want to spoil the surprise, so make sure you put a note on the enrolment form at the checkout.