Every now and then we hear about a nice story just like this one from one of our students, Paul Conlon and how he decided to help a friend.

Paul was working on Landscape Photography in Unit 7 of our online Professional Photography Course when this image was taken.

This shot uses a whole package of skills which combine for a terrific result including great location vantage point, correct lens, focus and setting choices, NDx6 filter, 18 images, Photoshop photo merge and final edit.

Let’s hear from Paul about his image:

“Camera Settings:  ISO – 100, 28mm, f/11, 13 seconds with 6 stop ND filter

The reason I have chosen this photo is it is what is beginning to be my style(s) of photography that I seem to gravitate toward of being landscape and/or long exposure.

The reason I chose this photo is  rather special as a friend asked me to take this for her father who is in palliative care who can no longer take his daily walks down by the Onkaparinga river mouth as captured. This will hang in his room so that he can wake up each day imagining his normal daily routine of early morning walks at sunrise.

The techniques I used was to use a 28 mmm focal length to enable a wide angle of capturing the scene, and took a series of 18 photos in portrait mode to merge into a panorama. I also used a 6 stop ND filter to smooth out the water, also to help remove some of the people walking in the scene. Whilst I was not able to remove all the people, the people who remain (i.e. fishing on the beach) due to them being blurred gives this photo almost an etherial feeling. I have also used several graduated filters to increase and decrease exposure throughout the image.”

Great image Paul and an even better story for it.  I am sure your friend’s father will get a lot of enjoyment out of your image.  Thanks for sharing your work.

Nice to have some good news stories every once in a while.

The power of photography can really take you to other times and places.