Natural light photography is one of the most popular genres in the field of photography.  Using the sun as your available light source can present a number of challenges but the rewards are great if it is used correctly.

This lovely image of one of our national icons (kangaroo) was taken by one of our students Karen (Kaz) Childs.  Kaz originally shot the image in natural light then converted to black and white. Great image Kaz and thanks for letting us share.

Photography is often described as “Painting with light”.  That is very true.  Understanding light and learning to work with it is so important.

The kangaroo in this image is side lit with the natural light falling on the left side of the face, creating soft shadows and good contrast across the face.  Kaz has teamed a medium aperture setting (for nice depth of field) with a fast shutter speed (ready for action) for a great result.   The intense facial expression enhanced by two catchlights beings this image to life.  The good contrast makes it a good choice to convert to black and white.

Images like this and others that appear in our student gallery are the best advertising we could ever hope for.  They actually show  what people can achieve after studying with us. You really learn how to use your camera properly in full manual shooting modes. So if that sounds like you, Enroll Now!