Nature and wildlife photography worldwide are some of the most popular photography genres.

There is a good reason for this and here is a great example with an Australian twist from one of our students, Sandra Ashley

Here is an extract of what Sandra had to say about this image – ” I have chosen this image as my best as I feel it has captured the beauty of the Galah and its wings. The eyes are in focus and appear to be looking back at you over the outstretched wings. There is also a catchlight in the eye, bringing it to life. Although the wings look a little bit grainy when zoomed in you can still see all the individual feathers and how they are puffed up on the neck and head. I like how you can just see the hollow behind the Galah so you can imagine it is protecting what’s inside from others. You can see emotion in the image as the Galah puts on a powerful display.”

Sandra is enrolled in our twelve module Professional Photography Course and in Module 7 students learn about Nature and Wildlife Photography.

Thanks for sharing your great image Sandra.

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