Using Lightroom is an essential skill for the modern photographer.  In this post I am featuring a beautiful image by one of our students, Sandra Ashley.

Sandra was working on one of our many student choice elective subjects in our online Professional Photography Course and this subject was specific to Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Below in ” are some words from Sandra on her image and what she did with it in Lightroom:

“Misty Morning Sunrise Shot with EFS 18-55mm @ 31mm; ISO 100; aperture f/11; shutter speed 1/100sec.

I captured this image one morning up at Lake Eppalock. In the hope of getting some nice sunrise images I set my camera up on the tripod and positioned it so that I could focus straight out over the water with a nice arrangement of trees. I set the aperture to f/11 as I wanted more of the scene in focus. I set the ISO to 100 and shutter speed accordingly. What started out as a very cold but clear morning changed quickly as the mist rolled in over the water. I took a series of very different images as the conditions changed and ended up capturing this image as the rising sun tried to push through.

In Lightroom Classic I chose to apply the Adobe Landscape profile as I liked the warmth it added and how it defined the circle of the sun more than in the original image. I played around with a few different sliders but decided on just reducing the highlights as there was some clipping where the sun and its reflection was. I then increased the vibrancy slightly, just to make the colour pop a little more without affecting what was already bright enough. I used the spot removal tool to remove a spot in the sky which must have been a bit of fluff on the lens and also removed a small stick in the water where the suns reflection was. Overall, I was happy with the changes the profile and just a couple of adjustments had made to the image.

I feel this image has captured the serenity and calmness I felt as I watched this unusual yet magical sunrise. The subdued colours are soothing with a hint of warmth from the sun and the ripples on the surface of the water add some texture. Although the trees and their reflections are silhouetted, the way that they disappear into the distance creates a sense of depth.”

Great job Sandra and thanks for letting us share.

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