You know, the term Vision Inspired Photography is such a large part of photography, that we developed an elective subject in our Professional Photography Course totally devoted to it.

This great images was taken by one of our students, Kali Chamberlin and you guessed it she was working on one of our student choice elective subjects, Vision Inspired Photography.

This task was about using design elements in photography to create dimension.  Adding depth to our images gives what would be a two dimensional image a three dimensional look and feel. This makes a far more interesting, intriguing and engaging image.  Kali has done this exceptionally well in this image.  It is compelling, inviting you to explore the image rather than simply glancing over it.

Here is an extract from Kali’s answer:

“My world, my “zone” is water, salt water, the ocean, it scares me it excites, motivates, inspires me, and it changes every time you look at it, from above, to below. I have used a GDome camera housing for this image. It has given the photo a rounded fisheye look and Tom (the Diver) appears as if he laying on the stunning coral that also shows Textures of patterns, colours and depth, since the water is crystal clear it gives you this false impression. . . but to tell the truth he is around 10m off the coral and around 5m from myself, but you can question the viewer’s perception of aesthetics and encourage them to find beauty in abstract imperfection which is so unique and rare in current media.”

Great job Kali and thanks for letting us share.

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